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Duckin puddle!

A puddle-picture



Green Dragon

Green Dragon
by Scott Guiver

I have now been active on my blog for about a month. Yesterday I had the highest number of views in one day (119 – thank you viewers!). But on closer analysis of the stats , I noticed something :

The post with the highest number of views was The Dragonfly Blues , my  27 th post , it had 27 views. hhmmm interesting!

What’s in a number?

Some maths:

27 is the only positive integer  that is 3x the sum of its digits. (2+7 x 3=27)

–  27 cubed is 19,683.   1+9+6+8+3= 27.

–  27 is the sum of the integers from 2 to 7. (2+3+4+5+6+7=27).

–  27 straight lines on a smooth cubic surface make the perfect cube ,(Cayley-Salmon theorem) – I’ll take their word for it!

Some trivia:

– The human hand is made up of 27 bones.

–  Florida is the 27 th state of the USA.

–  In ancient Inca culture there were 27 roads to El Dorado.

🙂     Happy Friday WorLdpress.

The Dragonfly Blues.

Dragonfly Blues - by Scott Guiver (2013)
Dragonfly Blues – by Scott Guiver (2013)

The Dragonfly Blues

Landing on the moon,

Disembarking from a wooden spoon,

Flying on kitchen utensils,

Is not as fast as sharpened pencils,

Stepping off to lunar land,

Or drinking down the Grand,

It’s all alien to me,

Polystyrene ships in a heavy sea,

Feathers, Little Egret, so white and pure,

High grade coke, once a rich mans lure,

Make no comparisons, blinkered fool,

Progressions hand ,caresses a building tool,

Treeless roots beneath our feet,

A thousand under every street,

A dragonfly darting,

Or an old man farting,

Methane and the permafrost,

Accountants add the cost,

Broken hearts and broken lives,

Naked forests , Amazon fires,

Only what’s chosen , makes the news,

I’ve got a case of the Dragonfly blues.

by Scott Guiver (2013)