Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver



Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver

I struggled giving this post a title. “Bear Hair”..”If you go down to the woods today on the Finnish/Russian border”..”Super sized Furry Animals”!? there really a rule that you have to give a post a title? I’m only writing to fill in the gaps between the photos anyway, I don’t know if anyone actually reads it.

Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver

So there we were driving along gravel tracks through a Finnish forest, the written directions that we were following went something like – turn left, take third right, second left, first right etc, etc..and the tracks all looked the same.

Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver

After a while of driving along tracks through the forest we managed to cross paths with the only other person in the forest, who kindly told us that we were going in the wrong direction and which way we should be going.
Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver

If for some unforgivable reason you hadn’t guessed, we were here to look for Eurasian Brown Bears(Ursus arctos). These bears are pretty big, they’re quite strong, they have big teeth, , but they do look very cuddly..yeah, probably not a good idea!

Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver

The plan was to meet up with our guide who would lead us on a 3k walk through the forest to a wooden hide. Our guide was a big lad who sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I had every faith that if we were attacked by a bear then this guy would take plenty
of time for the bear to eat, allowing the rest of us to make a run for it.

Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver

We stayed in the hide all evening and through the night. We watched as the bears ate, dozed and played. It was an incredible and captivating experience.

The bears all looked different and were easy to tell apart,  not only that , they seemed to have different personalities and mannerisms too.

The interactions and the apparent hierarchy played out like a bear soap opera before our eyes, it’s an episode that I will never forget.

Brown Bear - by Scott Guiver


Dr Ian Burfield

John Pilgrim

Kate Spink

5 thoughts on “Bear!

  1. Hello old friend! It’s so wonderful to see your AMAZING photos… You’ve been incredibly busy! I’m sorry I’ve been away from FB (had to leave), but I’m SO HAPPY I get to see you here! 🙂 What a sight, this creature. Just, wow.

    1. Hello!..what a lovely surprise 🙂 It’s been a long time hasn’t it!? How are you??..I know I should head over to your blog to see what you’ve been upto, I’ve been dipping my toe in and out of blogland all too irregularly in recent times!..I’m writing myself a note now to drop you an email when I get a moment 🙂

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