Hoverfly by Scott Guiver

The humble Hoverfly


Hoverfly by Scott Guiver

I used to work in a factory, actually I’ve worked in quite a few, but the memory that I’m trying to describe is of a factory in Ipswich, England. It was a warm environment to work in anyway, but on a hot summers day it was really hot in the factory. It was on one of these uncomfortable hot days that I was sweating angrily to myself wondering what the hell I was doing working in a bloody hot factory, when a hoverfly  which must have found it’s way through the propped open fire exit appeared . This little creature just hovered there in front of me, what did it want “haven’t you ever seen an underpaid, overworked, hot, pissed off human being before?”, the hoverfly didn’t answer, I carried on working.


I looked up from my work sometime later and the hoverfly returned, in silence we stared at each other. My attention was now completely taken from what I was supposed to be doing, I held out my hand and the amazing little creature landed on my index finger. Without even realising, my inner peace had returned and my wealthy boss and his deadlines no more leant pressure on my being, in a special moment I was freed by a hoverfly.

There are approximately 276 species of Hoverfly in the UK and if you’re into scientific geekery trivia – they beat their wings approximately 120 times a second!

Hoverfly by Scott Guiver

3 thoughts on “The humble Hoverfly

  1. Excellent stuff. It brings back memories of being in similar situations when something natural has caught my eye and thinking, “How can anything so beautiful exist in a place like this?” Ah, Memories that I don’t really need to hold on to. Very well written Sir 🙂

    1. Hi, thank you very much. I’m really enjoying your blog, it’s making me think that I must take the time to head over that way and explore a bit more. I’ve only breezed through the Wye Valley on the way to harsh but beautiful winter hikes up on the Beacons. So it’s great to use your blog as a kind of portal window, I’m seeing beautiful things and learning stuff too, thanks 🙂

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