by Scott Guiver
by Scott Guiver

I haven’t been on WordPress for about a month – so I must apologise for all the posts and comments that I have missed – I shall endeavour to have a look around and see what’s been going on……Scottie

P.S – I nearly forgot , *FlowerGirl* is mixed media (spray,acrylic and vinyl) on canvas 🙂


3 thoughts on “*FlowerGirl*”

    1. I came back then I went again , too much of a butterfly it seems. I’ve just re-visited your blog , I am glad that I made the decision. The poems have stayed with me , a good sign for the writer I think . 🙂

      1. 🙂
        Ah, Glad to see you AGAIN. Ha Ha.
        I missed you, REALLY!! And it is ironic I say this while my head is split in two whether to take a break myself or lessen my exposure. I think it’s natural to feel exhausted,
        I’d love to read your new posts, Scottie or perhaps, I should visit some older ones too?! Not a bad idea..

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