A perfect winters day.




I took a lunchtime stroll through Belfairs Great Wood , the air was cold and crisp, yet the suns rays were gently warming. A Great Spotted Woodpecker drummed , while winter thrushes scavenged amongst frozen leaf litter. Although it was the perfect winters day , I sensed that spring might not be far away.


16 thoughts on “A perfect winters day.

    1. I looked it up too! and lots of people are calling it Hadleigh Great Wood , round ‘ere we call it Belfairs! It’s just round the corner from my mums place , it was absolutely gorgeous in there today , not many people about just lots of birds.

      1. SO lucky to have such an area so close!! I love the doormice I was seeing in the pictures. Even your rodents are just adorable.

  1. Lovely photos Scottie. I think you’re going to get a bit of snow today.. Not cold enough here in Cornwall, the snow is going to miss us which from a photography point of view, is a shame. It’s very wild out there at the moment though so if the rain had turned to snow, it’d be pretty bad.

    1. My best friend was supposed to be flying over to see me from Jersey today , but Jersey airport is closed due to the snow! It’s very cold here in Southend , with a biting wind chill too. I’m charging up my camera incase we get a nice dumping of the white stuff!

  2. I love nature, God’s blanket. I love your narrative, especially this part, “…while winter thrushes scavenged amongst frozen leaf litter.” The photos are spectacular! Thank you for sharing your winter walk. Lovely!

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