Screens and a thank you.

A well used screen
A well used screen
Heart and flowers
Heart and flowers
New screen
New screen

A cobweb and dust filled workshop , laying dormant since my father passed away a few years ago. I’ve visited it many times since he died , but until now  , I haven’t been able to stay in there for long , either through sadness or feeling like I was intruding – he was a very private man and his workshop was his castle .  With all my tools and printing equipment , patiently waiting in boxes , I decided the time had come. I would make this workshop mine .  It was a day and a half well spent. A complete clean , a complete reorganisation , a creation of new space and light – the workshop has passed from father to son . – Thanks dad.


9 thoughts on “Screens and a thank you.”

    1. You just brought a tear to my eye Wendy , thank you , that is such a sweet thing to say!. I was mindful that he might be watching as I tidied and moved things , almost like I was seeking his approval. I think he would be happy too. x

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