This is evidence that you shouldn’t let a drunk person take your picture! If you look closely , you can see a duck-winged fairy rising from my glass of rum.


Starting to float like a butterfly again , thank you to all those who have given me support in the last few days!

When I say “reunited” , I mean me and the picture!


14 thoughts on “Reunited!”

    1. Wow! I’ve just had a quick skim through your website , your artwork and signs really are truly amazing – I’m totally in awe, not just of your talent but what a great niche you have carved for yourself! – I’ve subscribed to your blog!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog….so now returning the compliment. I note that one of your titles some think like says ‘Did I use to be an Artist’……well first look thru and I think you still are and no doubt always will be. Best wishes for 2013

    1. David, thank you for your comment, you just boosted my confidence with a sentence! .Wishing you and your family incl. Buster a great 2013! oh, and just out of interest – my brother lives in Whaley Bridge – don’t know if that’s familiar to you

      1. It’s not a habit of mine to throw flowers indiscriminately, but the work you’ve done, in all honestly, is amazing to my eye. Perhaps it’s because I see vestiges of my own interests which prompt this. No doubt it helped. Huge props regardless.

      2. Truly appreciated! I’ve only recently stated creating again. I want to give people my interpretation of something aesthetically pleasing – so your comments give me strong encouragement , thank you.

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