Gone Fishing!

Montezuma,Costa Rica Coogee Beach,WA,Australia Red Rock ,NSW,Australia Dunwich,Suffolk,England

I don’t take pictures of people. Well , generally I don’t.

But , if like me , you like to take photos of landscapes and quite often find yourself at the coast ,

then the odd fame hungry angler is going to creep into shot now and then.  🙂

I’ve never tried fishing , but I do see the attraction of being in beautiful surroundings , practicing patience

and catching my own meal.


7 thoughts on “Gone Fishing!”

  1. Fishing is great for all the reasons you mention. Landscape photography gets you two out of three I guess but there’s nothing like cooking and eating a fish you’ve caught yourself. Lovely images Scottie.

    1. Hi Chillbrook, thank you.
      Do you do any fishing down here in Cornwall?
      If you do , maybe I could convince you to put your teachers hat back on!?
      Thanks again –

      1. The last fishing trip I went on was with my landlord in his boat (which used to be my Dad’s), out into St Austell Bay. We didn’t catch anything other than a couple of small mackerel but that didn’t matter, it was just nice being on the boat.
        I’m no expert but I know a few people who are. We might be able to arrange something in the new year. I noticed your Cornish Sunset picture was taken in Polzeath. Is that where you’re based?

      2. That would be amazing!! I’m currently based in Wadebridge. I will be putting an email address on my Gravatar profile soon , so please feel free to get in touch. Thank you – I was feeling a bit cheeky for asking about the fishing , but if you don’t ask , you…….

  2. Haven’t been fishing in forever. Of course there is nothing worth eating in the river behind my home this time of year. Thanks for your comment on my blog sir, appreciate the support.

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