I hugged a tree and I liked it!

Giant Kauri tree

I love trees! I couldn’t quite get my arms around this Giant Karri though.

Wherever you are in the world, why not not give a tree a hug!? Well, unless it’s covered in thorns or poisonous hairs – then maybe not a good idea!!

But seriously , trees are so important on a local and global scale ,why not see what you can do in your local area to help these amazing organisms.

If you are interested in conserving the native trees of the UK , check out :   http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/


3 thoughts on “I hugged a tree and I liked it!”

  1. Although I never posted something that will speak of the fact that I’m a tree hugger too, I am. It’s a constant on my list of “ToDos” whenever I climb a mountain. Hugging a tree charges my body with some sort of panacea that makes me feel superhuman after.

    Thanks for the visit!

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